Leaving Us Soon?

In collaboration with the Students’ Union, The Library, Student Services and the University Marketing Department, we have put together a helpful pre-flight checklist for anyone graduating or leaving the University.

Access To Your Account

Upon completion of your course (not graduation), you will have a limited 3-month window to access your Student account and associated Digital Technologies Services, such as Emails, Office 365, Blackboard, H: Drive Storage and more. If you withdraw from your course, your account will be disabled immediately.

Please note that this does not apply to printing; as soon as you complete your course, you will be unable to print.

When does this happen?

If you finish your course in… Month IT Account Disabled
June October
January May
Mid-Course (Withdrawal) Immediately

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to access your account after these dates.

Take a look through the different sections below to ensure you don’t lose any of your work, emails or print credit before you go:

Email Account

Make sure you save/backup any important emails prior to graduation if you want to take them with you.

You can keep hold of any important emails you wish to carry over by copying them from your University mailbox to your personal one. Follow the link below to get started:

How to save your Emails

Print Credit

Make sure you only credit your print account with the necessary costs for your printing up to the end of your studies, as any leftover print credit cannot be refunded.

How to check my Print Credit

Files (Office 365)

Make sure you save/download any files that you want to keep on OneDrive and Office 365.

How to download/Save your OneDrive Files


Make sure you save/download any work from Blackboard, including your transcripts and grades alongside any of your feedback from marking and work that you have submitted to Blackboard and need copies of.



If you are an online student and use Canvas, make sure you have copies of any of your submitted work, along with any of the learning resources, grades and feedback you may need to take with you.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Eligible College Of Arts Students Only

Did you know you can change your Adobe ID email address and take your Adobe ID account with you? (subject to purchasing an Adobe subscription).

However, if you are not looking to take out an Adobe Subscription when you leave then make sure you save/download your Adobe files/tools before you leave.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to your Adobe ID will be removed as soon as your University account is disabled.

How to change your Adobe ID Email Address

How to download/save your Adobe files

Available Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions

Library Access

Did You Know… that you can receive associate access as a University Alumni?
Contact the Library for further details and to enable your associate access.

The Library

Campus Jobs

If you have been engaged through campus jobs during your time at Lincoln, please ensure that you download any payslips and P60’s before your MyView and active directory accounts are closed.

Becoming Alumni

When you graduate from the University you will become part of our global alumni community, which is made up of more than 90,000 University of Lincoln graduates from across 135 countries.

Your Alumni Benefits